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Samples & Solutions

For signage samples, please refer to the signage portion of this site.

Logo, web, branding, graphics and product consultation required for a new product entering the market. *Site no longer manged by bnb. site - out of business

This new five star hotel required a multitude of services from external building signage to daily menu printing operations. case study

Delivery methods, UX design, and application interface design services were required for this Web to SMS project. case study

Artist, Paul Moschell, required an online gallery propagating works to secure the attention of product developers and nationwide galleries. site

Web site and graphic design, photography, strategy and film production are combined to produce a lovely foodie experience. site - out of business

The entreprenurial venture of this butler and personal services scenario required business collateral including an identity that stood apart from that of its competitors. view

Complete redesign of 37,600 page site, branding management, content migration, UX, UI, art direction, technology consultation. *Still in development site

The Cincinnati-based title company is growing and required a promotional campaign to send consistent messaging from the Web site to events. site

The Lowry family rolls their advertising and business collateral into a modern image to illustrate the art of hand-made candy to a new target audience. view

This small, independently-owned company required a Web site that communicates pertinent information to localized target audience. site

Dot com marketing company required maintanence for their 30+ virtual franchise holding, UX services, and virtual equity strategies. site

Perfumer and all natural body products company required extensive graphic, product, and interactive sdesign ervices to include catalogues to interactive boutique events. view

Client required an image overhaul and infographics as well as trade show promotional pieces introducing various products. case study

Logistics and rail grabs a high-end look showing environmental awareness, ability, and safety. Much strategy was employed for a full-scale collateral design. case study

This start-up information technology group required graphic design and promotional campaign services to introduce their company to the industry. case study

After the 2004 Web site release, Mira changed owners. Reinvention happened with full-scale business collateral, trade shows, and interactive design. 2005 : 2004

Established floral designer and wedding planner required image adjustments to appeal to a more contemporary target audience. Interactive/graphic designs and consultation. view